micro-surgical management of adult & infantile glaucoma with Trabectome

Tip Design

The Trabectome tip is bent 90° to create the triangular protective footplate and the smooth insulating coating allows it to easily penetrate the trabecular meshwork and acts as a guide and glides inside Schlemm’s canal.

It also feeds trabecular and juxtacanalicular tissues into the ablative bipolar electrodes as the instrument tip is advanced along the Schlemm’s canal whilst providing protection from heat injury to adjacent tissue.

Tip Design
Handpiece Design

The Trabectome handpiece is a single use sterile ophthalmic device that incorporates bipolar electro-surgical pulse with simultaneous irrigation and aspiration.

Irrigation - for a stable anterior chamber
Aspiration - for removal of ablated tissue
Electro-Surgical Pulse - for safe ablation and removal of the trabecular meshwork and un-roofing of Schlemm’s canal

Handpiece Design
Console Design

Critical controls are handled by the Trabectome console.

High Frequency Generator - An electro-surgical unit with a frequency of 550 kHz and power adjustments in 0.1 watt increments.
Irrigation/Aspiration Unit - There is a pinch valve for irrigation flow. The aspiration pump is peristaltic with adjustable flow rates.
3-stage Foot Pedal Control - Activates irrigation, aspiration and electro-surgical power in a stepwise fashion similar to that used in phacoemulsification.