This 4.5 minutes video will guide you through the 5 steps setup.

Guide for setting up the Trabectome   PDF

Step 1: Powering Up System
  • Step 1.1
    1.1.  Plug in power cords of I/A Console and High Frequency Generator. Turn on and set Power to physician’s preferred setting- typically "0.8"
  • Step 1.2
    1.2.  Turn Flow Control to "Flow 1" (10 o'clock position).
  • Step 1.3
    1.3.  Toggle black button on Foot Pedal until the pinch valve indicator light is off.
  • Step 1.4
    1.4.  Turn Flow Control to "Standby" (9 o'clock position).
Step 2: Draping Tray Arm
  • Step 2.1
    2.1.  Fully extend Tray Arm of Roller Stand.
  • Step 2.2
    2.2.  Insert hands into collar of large drape, position open end of drape onto Tray Arm, and fully advance drape onto Tray Arm.
  • Step 2.3
    2.3.  Push drape down into the opening of the tray holder frame to form a pocket.
Step 3: Set Up Fluidics
  • Step 3.1
    3.1.  Close Roller Clamp on Irrigation Line.
  • Step 3.2
    3.2.  Open Drip Chamber air vent and spike bottle of BSS. Fill drip chamber at least half full.
  • Step 3.3
    3.3.  Hang bottle of BSS on I/V hook of Roller Stand and raise it high.
  • Step 3.4
    3.4.  Open pump cover. With tubing to the left side, place collection bag onto pins. Lay silicon tubing across center of pump rollers.
  • Step 3.5
    3.5.  Hold silicon tubing at the location of fitting and without stretching, place onto left side of V-block and close cover.
  • Step 3.6
    3.6.  Turn Flow Control to "Prime" (8 o'clock position).
  • Step 3.7
    3.7.  Grasp ends of the irrigation silicon tubing at the location of fittings and slide it up and down and forcefully work it fully into Pinch Valve slot. Finally pull down to rest upper fitting into slot to prevent tubing from kinking.
  • Step 3.8
    3.8.  Turn Flow Control to "Standby" (9 o'clock position).
Step 4: Connect Handpiece and Prime Fluidics Set
  • Step 4.1
    4.1.  Fully insert Handpiece bipolar plugs into Bipolar outputs of High Frequency Generator.
  • Step 4.2
    4.2.  Lightly connect irrigation line to irrigation pigtail of Handpiece. (both have color strip)
  • Step 4.3
    4.3.  With cap in place, place Handpiece tip up.
  • Step 4.4
    4.4.  Turn Flow Control to "Prime" (8 o'clock position).
  • Step 4.5
    4.5.  Partially open Roller Clamp allowing BSS to fill irrigation line. Once BSS emerges from tip of Handpiece, open Roller Clamp completely.
  • Step 4.6
    4.6.  Once cap is filled to the height of the tip or BSS emerges from aspiration pig tail of Handpiece, reposition Handpiece tip down (with cap in place).
  • Step 4.7
    4.7.  Lightly connect aspiration line. Continue to fill until BSS begins to appear in collection bag and all lines are free of air bubbles.
  • Step 4.8
    4.8.  Turn Flow Control to "Standby" until Foot Pedal is positioned for surgery.
  • Step 4.9
    4.9.  Turn Flow Control to physician's preferred surgical flow setting, typically "Flow 3" (12 o'clock position).
  • Step 4.10
    4.10.  Cover and secure small drape over I/A Console and High Frequency Generator and check that the irrigation tubing is not kinked.